August Principals Message for Parents/Guardians

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Dear Parents/Guardians and Group Homes                                                     August, 2016

I hope you have had an enjoyable summer.  I want to make sure you have the below information before school starts.  It is very important that you register ASAP.  Transportation cannot pick up your child for school until you have completed the registration process.

If your child has attended Jordan Valley before go to to start the registration process.  If your student is new to Jordan Valley and you have not received a letter from Canyons district with your login information call Jordan Valley at 801-826-7200 to get your login information.

The below procedural information is important for the beginning of the year. 

1.  School begins August 24th.  We follow the elementary Calendar. The students will be in school from 9:25 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:25-2:20 on Fridays.  This is the same schedule as last year.  Kindergarten starts Monday August 29th

2.  The Canyons District Transportation phone number is 801-826-5252.  Please call them with transportation changes or student absences.  A day or two before the school year starts you will be contacted by a Canyons District bus driver regarding specific pickup and drop off times.

3.  Jordan Valley office hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Should you need to contact your child’s teacher we encourage you to call them between 8:15-9:15 am.  During school you are welcome to leave your teacher a message to call you.  During school times teachers will be busy attending to their student’s needs.

4.  There will be a link for school lunch information when you go online to register your student. Please keep your child’s/student’s lunch account current.  We recommend you pay for lunch with a check or electronically. 

An application form for free/reduced lunch is also available online.  If you feel you qualify, please return the completed form on the first day of school - August 24th.  There is no grace period for free/reduced lunch.  Applications are accepted throughout the school year should your financial situation change.

5.  Utah state laws require that all students be fully immunized and the school must have a copy of the form before they attend school.  If your child is new to our school (Kindergarten or transfer student) please see that their immunizations are current. If you’re getting an exemption for health/personal reasons, the forms must be signed at the State Board of Health.

6.  Please keep your child/student at home if they are ill.   Many of our students have health problems that are made worse by colds and flu.  Our school nurses will contact you with health concerns.

7.  You must bring your student’s medications to school with the appropriate signed physician’s orders.  Do not send medications on the school bus.

8.  Please send extra clothing for your student that is clearly marked with their name.  Also, if your student is going to use the swimming pool/therapy pool, please send a swimsuit clearly marked in permanent ink.  We will send the  swim authorization form home the first week of school. 

Enjoy what is left of your summer.  We look forward to a wonderful school year with your Jordan Valley student.

Mark Donnelly