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Business Items:

  • School Safety Plan
    • Update on sidewalks
      • Engineers have been out with facilities director to make plans
      • Summer project after ESY
  • Submitted Teacher & Student Success Plan (TSSP) and Land Trust Plan Development for 2021-2022
    • Goal: Students at Jordan Valley will make progress towards a communication IEP goal for grades
    • K-7th and a functional skills goal for grades 8th-PH
    • Land Trust requested amount: $13,400
      • This is for communication goal
  • TSSP requested amount: $13,300
    • This is for transition goal
  • End of year progress on task box data
    • Teachers are working on data now
    • We’ve seen tremendous progress for students
  • Bridges Program
    • Being dissolved – district has created an additional Junior Youth Academy @ Midvalley Elementary
    • This is opening classrooms to create spaces for studio apartments, restaurants, etc for practice
  • Other Input/Questions
  • Who is interested in continuing on SCC next year?
    • Should we schedule our kick off meeting now? August or September?
      • September 10th @ 3:30pm

Move to adjourn

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