Exciting news! Jordan Valley School has a new mascot: a colorful and adorable chameleon. This exceptional lizard is part of the iguana suborder, and in the family CHAMAELEONIDAE, best known for their ability to change color. The Jordan Valley family (much easier to say than chamaeleonidae) will celebrate our exceptional learners, naming a Chameleon of the Week to 3 students each week, starting October 5th. Throughout the year, every student will have the spotlight to show us their colorful personalities and achievements. Check back (here or on the Facebook group) each week as we celebrate our chameleons. We promise you will find more to them than meets the eye.

We will display each student’s photo and things they enjoy by the cafeteria so all can celebrate them. We will also share their spotlight in our Morning Meetings on Mondays. We look forward to sharing our students each week!

October 5th, 2020

November 16th, 2020

Lincoln is 5 years old. He is a friendly and energetic student in Ms. Becky’s classroom. Our classroom recently shifted to online learning for a brief period. Lincoln impressed Ms. Becky by engaging in his individual sessions for 11 minutes. Lincoln worked on identifying shapes and colors by pointing to the shape/color requested from a choice of 2. Lincoln pointed to the shapes/colors on the screen, and retained a high level of accuracy on his shapes. Lincoln also greeted and said goodbye by waving. Online learning did not slow Lincoln down. Lincoln enjoys relaxing on a bean bag, playing with musical toys and instruments, and working for Smarties. He is a joy to have in the classroom.

Marshall has earned Chameleon of the Week because over the past two weeks, he has made the transition to a new classroom and he has handled it with so much patience. He is participating in groups throughout the day with 95% accuracy and we have seen a dramatic increase in positive behaviors. He is learning how to use his new communication system and is frequently communicating to get his needs met. Marshall has been an all around all star!


We are so happy to be spotlighting Nathan Curtis as Chameleon of the Week! From his first day at Jordan Valley being around Nathan brought peace, calm and comfort to everyone who met him and brightened our class environment. Nathan finds joy and humor in the little things and even on his toughest days he will share his smile with others that need a lift – “just one of his gifts”. Nathan is a teacher aide and supports his peers during math by modeling expectations of each students’ goal which inspires his peers to be successful. 

Some things that Nathan enjoys is going camping with his family to National Parks where he learns more about Utah’s history, 

Mr. Rogers (this may be where he gets his calming presence) and being around his peers and the staff at Jordan Valley. Nathan was nominated as Chameleon of the Week because of the success he is having with distance learning. He communicates understanding by eye gazing to yes/no picture icons. While learning at home he has been nodding his head to answer yes questions and turn his head to indicate no! This is a great accomplishment Nathan. As a school, we are so proud of you!! You are so deserving of Chameleon of the Week. Keep up the good work!

November 6th, 2020

Ava is a new student to Sal’s class. She has adapted to her new teachers and classmates and is a delight to have in our class. Ava has a beautiful smile and fun giggle and loves to sing! Ava loves sitting in a new desk that Donata made especially for her. She is excited to ride the bike and enjoys floor time where she can stretch and scoot around. Ava likes to look in the mirror and is eager to learn. She is so much fun and we are so happy to have her in our class.

Jael is such an important part of our Jordan Valley School Family. We love having him in Ms. Jana’s class. We all enjoy his great sense of humor and the kind and gentle way he interacts with each of his classmates. Jael loves to catch us making bloopers of any kind, this keeps him laughing and smiling all day long.

Jael has worked hard in all aspects of our academic day. He willingly participates in new and challenging activities like digging for treasures in our English language arts curriculum or identifying the characters and order of events in familiar stories.  He has expanded his horizons as we try different mediums of art and crafts along with John Hale who has had Jael outside digging holes with a real shovel and visiting our camp evergreen tent to create “Holes” related art projects.

Jael loves our PE activities with Jinger and Ashley and is usually one of the first to try the fun challenges they have set up for us.  He loves moving to the music they choose.  Jael loves cars and trucks and enjoys sending them zooming across our large tables during leisure time.

We are very happy to recommend Jael for Chameleon of the Week. He is a great example of our classroom motto, which is being able to adapt, grow and change like a Jordan Valley Chameleon.

Monet has had an exceptional week. She earned all 9 dollars every day this week!  She happily participated in every lesson, sang us songs and gave us plenty of reasons to smile and laugh this week.  Monet successfully stood up and walked on to the bus without hesitation and continues to show us how grown up she is becoming.  Her manners are impeccable.  She is always saying stuff like “Ms. Cari, can you help me please? And “Thank you, doctor” after receiving some medication from the nurses.  We love watching her grow up into the beautiful, grown up woman she is becoming.  

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