The cafeteria staff has been hard at work this summer planning how to feed our students while mitigating the risks of transmitting germs in the cafeteria. The following classes will be eating lunch in their classrooms this year:

Ms. Becky     Teacher Sal     Ms. Kelsie     Ms. Glenda     Mr. Will

The remaining classes will have staggered schedules so only 2-3 classes are in the cafeteria at a time. School lunch will be available for all students, whether eating in the cafeteria or classroom. You can find the monthly menu on the Canyons District website or here. Please be sure to keep your student’s account current. If you feel you may qualify for free or reduced lunch pricing, please complete this application

Currently, all students in Canyons School District will receive free lunches. Also, due to the 4-day student schedule, free sack lunches will be sent home on Thursdays so the students have a Friday meal. If you prefer not to receive the sack lunch, please email and let her know you are opting out and your student’s name. 

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