The curb along the front of the building will be designated for students who are privately transported.  We have 2 options for parent pick up/ drop off. The procedures will be the same during typical drop off and pick up times as well as checking in and out during the school day.  Parents will not have to sign their student in/out, the office will make sure it is documented.


Option 1 Parents/Guardians will park alongside the curb in the front of the building. Call the main office and let them know you are checking your student in or out. The office will verify who is picking up the student and a staff member will pick up/drop off your student in front of the school to your vehicle. 


Option 2 Parents/Guardians can come into the school and the office will call for the student.  In order to avoid interrupting the classroom we ask that parents/guardians wait in the main entrance for their student.


Parents/Guardians picking up students must be listed in Student’s Skyward for pick up.


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