School Community Council                3/12/21


Meeting called to order

Approve SCC Minutes from 2/12/21

Dates for the remainder of the year

  • April 23
  • May 7, if needed

Business Items:

  1. School Safety Plan
    1. Update on sidewalks met with Ryan again a week ago, they met because Stacey was frustrated because it sounded like they were changing the plan.  Not changing it, just needed to refine it.  Cement ramps are costing more than anticipated. Plan A is north and south removal.  Sidewalk continues for safety. Removing ramps into driveway to make them better.  Don’t need as many…..option B:  east side ramp is bigger and is ½ the cost of the whole plan.  So plan is still the same, just maybe dividing the project up for cost efficiency.  Going to get an estimate on plan A and plan A and B together.  Then deciding if plan B is now or later.  They don’t understand our pedestrian area.  If they want to redo the parking lot, then waiting for the pedestrian area. Not cost efficient to do the pedestrian area then 4-5 years later redo the whole parking lot.   Focusing on sidewalks first. Are we on the list to get our whole school updated???
  2. Start Teacher & Student Success Plan (TSSP) and Land Trust Plan Development for 2021-2022
    1. Goal: Students at Jordan Valley will make progress towards a communication IEP goal for grades K-7th and a functional skills goal for grades 8th-PH. -can use IEP’s and progress reports to determine our progress. No progress we can switch up the goal.  Can get a % of students making progress to that goal.  Updating to use IEP and progress monitoring tools to provide data towards the TSSP goal.  Need training of what insufficient is..  Teachers don’t typically mark that because they think it’ll make them seem like a bad teacher.
  3. How will we measure growth towards our goal?
    1. IEP goal progress monitoring -all agreed that this is okay
  4. Need council member signatures – just need a few more signatures
  5. Commencement Ceremony
    1. Scheduled Midvale Middle Auditorium, Friday, May 21st Yay!!! Rainbow tassels!

Other Input/Questions no additional comments.

Next Meeting: April 23rd, 2021

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Move to adjourn

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