Welcome – virtual linkMeeting called to order

Approve SCC Minutes from 1/15/20

Dates for the remainder of the year

  • March 12
  • April 23
  • May 7, if needed

Business Items:

  1. School Safety Plan
    1. Stacey met with Director of Facilities
      1. 2 safety features will be reconstructed this summer
        1. Sidewalk around the entire school
        2. Cement ramps (3) removed
      2. Submitted diagram for Pedestrian Practice area
    2. Start Teacher & Student Success Plan (TSSP) and Land Trust Plan Development for 2021-2022
      • Goal: Students will gain or improvefunctional skills to ______ according to the Functional Independence Skills Handbook (F.I.S.H.) and Behavioral Characteristics Progression (BCP) rubrics that will allow them to be more independent at home, obtain work related skills and/or educational/training preparations. 
      • Items to be purchased to work towards this goal:
        • Communication devices
        • Safety equipment for devices (straps, cases, screen protectors)
        • Training on AAC and ASL (potential new hire for AAC Assistant)
        • Communication clip art to facilitate PECS and other communication
        • Additional items in the Voc Ed Lab, as well as, Home Ec & Library
        • Repurpose a portable into independent living & socialskills group activities
        • Partitions to separate spaces (furniture & décor for each area)
        • Bedroom
        • “makeshift” bathroom
        • Restaurant
        • Etc
      • How will we measure growth towards our goal?–
  1. Need council member signatures – please drop by JVS office before March 1st.
  2. Commencement Ceremony
    1. Working with district to schedule Mt. Jordan Auditorium, Friday, May 22nd

Other Input/Questions

Next Meeting: March 12, 2021

Move to adjourn

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