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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

Administration & Staff

Jordan Valley Administration

Stacey Nofsinger


Email: stacey.nofsinger@canyonsdistrict.org

Jordan Valley Office Staff & Instructional Coach

Rachel Murphy

Admin Assistant

Email: rachel.murphy@canyonsdistrict.org

Jordan Valley Faculty

Zeke Alexander

Special Education Teacher

Email: zeke.alexander@canyonsdistrict.org

Rebecca Anderson

Special Education Teacher

Email: rebecca.anderson@canyonsdistrict.org

Melissa Cox

Special Education Teacher

Email: melissa.cox@canyonsdistrict.org

Glenda Folkersen

Special Education Teacher

Email: glenda.folkersen@canyonsdistrict.org

William Jackson

Special Education Teacher

Email: william.jackson@canyonsdistrict.org

Chloe Neuberger

Special Education Teacher

Email: chloe.neuberger@canyonsdistrict.org

Deven Perry

Special Education Teacher

Email: deven.perry@canyonsdistrict.org

Sally Scott

Special Education Teacher

Email: sally.scott@canyonsdistrict.org

Kelsie Wilson

Special Education Teacher

Email: kelsie.wilson@canyonsdistrict.org

Jana Wright

Special Education Teacher

Email: jana.wright@canyonsdistrict.org

Jordan Valley Nutrition Services

Melissa Anderson

Nutrition Manager

Email: melissa.anderson@canyonsdistrict.org

Shirley Wall

Nutrition Services Worker

Email: shirley.wall@canyonsdistrict.org

Jordan Valley Education Support Professionals

Aleta "Ruth" Taylor

Para Educator

Email: aleta.taylor@canyonsdistrict.org

Andra Betteridge

Para Educator

Email: andra.betteridge@canyonsdistrict.org

Aubry Losee

Para Educator

Email: aubry.biesinger@canyonsdistrict.org

Jill McDonald

Para Educator

Email: jill.mcdonald@canyonsdistrict.org

Michael Mitchell

Para Educator

Email: michael.mitchell@canyonsdistrict.org

Stephanie Porter

Para Educator

Email: stephanie.porter@canyonsdistrict.org

Michelle Rhodes

Para Educator

Email: michelle.rhodes@canyonsdistrict.org

Olga Yakhnovskaya

Para Educator

Email: olga.yakhnovskaya@canyonsdistrict.org

Michelle "Miki" Guymon

Para Professional Educator

Email: michelle.guymon@canyonsdistrict.org

Bradee Armstrong

Para Professional Educator

Email: bradee.armstrong@canyonsdistrict.org

Jeana Bruse

Para Professional Educator

Email: jeana.bruse@canyonsdistrict.org

Carilee Curtis

Para Professional Educator

Email: carilee.curtis@canyonsdistrict.org

Stephanie Haycock

Para Professional Educator

Email: stephanie.haycock@canyonsdistrict.org

Melissa Higginson

Para Professional Educator

Email: melissa.higginson@canyonsdistrict.org

Tyler Menlove

Para Professional Educator

Email: tyler.menlove@canyonsdistrict.org

Chris Petersen

Para Professional Educator

Email: chris.petersen@canyonsdistrict.org

Gary Ren

Para Professional Educator

Email: gary.ren@canyonsdistrict.org

Naomi Romero

Para Professional Educator

Email: naomi.romero@canyonsdistrict.org

Teresa Salt

Para Professional Educator

Email: teresa.salt@canyonsdistrict.org

Katelyn Vasquez

Para Professional Educator

Email: katelyn.vasquez@canyonsdistrict.org

Jordan Valley Related Service Providers

Geraldine "Gerri" Marino

Occupational Therapist

Email: geraldine.marino@canyonsdistrict.org

Brittany Dalgleish

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

Email: brittany.dalgleish@canyonsdistrict.org

Nicole Paneque

Occupational Therapist

Email: nicole.paneque@canyonsdistrict.org

Britta Scullion

Occupational Therapist

Email: britta.scullion@canyonsdistrict.org

Candace Duncan


Email: candace.duncan@canyonsdistrict.org

Sarah Trost


Email: sarah.trost@canyonsdistrict.org

Shonni Witt


Email: shonni.witt@canyonsdistrict.org

Ashley Raucci

Teacher Adaptive PE

Email: ashley.raucci@canyonsdistrict.org

Jinger Yawn

Teacher Adaptive PE

Email: jinger.yawn@canyonsdistrict.org

Allison "Bree" Hibbert

Speech Lang Pathologist

Email: bree.hibbert@canyonsdistrict.org

Amy Alger

Speech Lang Technician

Email: amy.alger@canyonsdistrict.org

Bryce Edwards

Speech Lang Technician

Email: bryce.edwards@canyonsdistrict.org

Sarah Edwards

Speech Lang Technician

Email: sarah.gray@canyonsdistrict.org

Stacey Graziano

School Psychologist (district)

Email: stacey.graziano@canyonsdistrict.org

Kara Henrie

School Psychologist

Email: kara.henrie@canyonsdistrict.org

Susan Mikell

Physical Therapist (District)

Email: sue.mikell@canyonsdistrict.org

Elise Tautkus

Physical Therapy Assistant

Email: elise.tautkus@canyonsdistrict.org

Donata Trussell

Physical Therapist

Email: donata.trussell@canyonsdistrict.org

Jordan Valley Custodial/Facilities

Sonya Spiker

Assistant Facility Manager

Email: sonya.spiker@canyonsdistrict.org

Jonathan Kesler

Custodian Lead

Email: jonathan.kesler@canyonsdistrict.org

Mark Christensen


Email: roy.christensen@canyonsdistrict.org

Brian Spiker


Email: brian.spiker@canyonsdistrict.org

Kaseymarie Spiker


Email: kaseymarie.spiker@canyonsdistrict.org

Lester Short

Laundry Assistant

Email: lester.short@canyonsdistrict.org

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