Emergency Substitutes

We Need You - Emergency Subs Wanted

Jordan Valley School is in need of community stakeholders to help staff our classrooms. You, yes you, may have asked, “How can I make a difference?” The answer is, BE A SUB! It is extremely rewarding ,and a busy sub can earn up to $500 per week. Substituting at Jordan Valley, you will work with a team of other knowledgeable educators in the classroom. 

As a precaution for Covid-19, our students and staff may get stay home orders if feeling symptoms or exposed to those with confirmed Covid-19 cases. This keeps us safe, but understaffed. The need is critical.

Canyons has several kinds of substitutes, ranging from those who have a teachers’ license, such as retired teachers, to regular and emergency substitutes. The pay ranges from $95-$137 per day, depending on credentials. There also are additional stipends for long-term substitutes. Click the highlighted links above to access more information on the district website.


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