Jordan Valley School Re-Opening Plan
September 15th, 2020

We will teach students about face coverings and physical distancing, but will not be enforcing face coverings for students. Staff will remain covered.

Check out the district’s COVID-19 Parent & Guardian Information Page here: COVID-19 Parent Info


Procedures and Protocols to Mitigate the Risks


*See “Hallways – inclement weather” for added details regarding the change in weather.

Students requiring support are escorted into building using closest slider to their classroom

Independent students enter building through exterior classroom door

Inclement weather – bring students in according to class to reduce having many students in the hallways going to different locations.


Will not be scheduled at this time


Classroom bathrooms  kept locked at all times

After use, classroom staff will wipe down (hand rail, table, sink, flusher, changing table)

Student will be assisted in washing hands


Employees wear a mask

Parent will wear a mask to help secure student on bus (supply masks in case they don’t have one)

Board students starting in the back

Alternate students on the diagonal whenever possible

Windows cracked to improve ventilation


Administrator will provide training to educate classroom staff on action plan

Teachers will teach routines to mitigate risk

Physical distancing addressed by desks being separated into rows

Students are facing forward

Teacher will wear mask/shield at all times physical distancing is not possible

Hand washing practice throughout the day

Classroom staff will wipe down tables, door handles and desks at least twice a day.

Keep student, small groups the same throughout the day

Students will not be required to wear a face covering


Educate caregivers on school protocols and action plan

New School Website

New School Facebook page

Texts from teachers


Community Access

Students will not access community until green phase

Create similar experiences within the school building


Students will be assigned one device

Proper cleaning at the end of the day by class staff


*See “Hallways – inclement weather” for added details regarding the change in weather.

Use exterior classroom doors

Assigned seats – pick up students from classrooms according bus area. (ie: all north area buses, then North East, etc)

Back of bus filled first

Assign buses to sliders closest to medically fragile student’s classroom


*Inclement Weather*

Traffic flow will be reduced by using exterior doors

If there is heavy precipitation of any kind (rain, snow, sleet, etc), students will transition indoors, using the hallways. Staff will teach students how to stay to the right side of the hallway and wait for other oncoming traffic to pass (other classes).

Light rain – we will teach students about appropriate clothing and accessories (umbrella, jacket, etc) and practice by going outside.

Cold weather – we will teach students about appropriate clothing & have them bundle up and then go outside.

These plans are for the general population of JVS. Individual student ability & need may keep them indoors transitioning, but all protocols to keep kids and staff safe will be used.

Taped lines to show which side of the hallway to use

Staggering schedule for lunch

Related services push-in to classrooms (sanitize hands before they enter and before they leave)

High Risk Individuals

High Risk Identification Process:

Work closely with school nurses, teachers, & Related Service Providers to review health care & Individualized Education Plans with special consideration to mitigate risk

Any concerns will be communicated to parents to determine next steps. (Document conversation)

Minimizing and Mitigating Risk for Employees

Coordinate with HR to support employees identifying as high risk

Isolation Room

Nurse and symptomatic student only

Bathroom in room #133 (has changing table for student to sit or lay down on large bathroom allows for physical distancing)

Job Sites

(for Post High Students)


No public job sites until green phase

Assigned jobs around the school building

Household chores built in to daily schedule

Large Gatherings

(Back to School Night, Parent/Teacher Conference)

B2SN will be done virtually with Flip Grid

Conferences – scheduled with 10 minutes in between to allow for cleaning and not congregating (limit # of family members)



Adults pick up & deliver trays, if needed

5 classes eat in room, 6 classes in café

Staggered schedule

Students will enter the same door (North)

Students will exit a different door (South)

Students will sit alternating, assigned seats

Online Students will have access to lunch (pick-up) if wanted. Contact Melissa Anderson, lunch manager, via email or phone by 9am on Monday for the week or by 9am on the individual days needed


Masks are required by all adults entering the building

Plexiglass barriers installed on reception desk

Office phones to be used only by office staff

Student check-in/out: parent call ahead to eliminate wait time. Park alongside west curb and wait for staff member to come out

Minimize staff visits by calling/emailing


Outdoors weather permitting

Students will enter through the West doors & exit through East  doors

Same groups of students from one class using same equipment (like small groups)

Wipe down railings immediately after class exits


Closed until green phase


Sanitize hands at the gate entrance

Only one class at a time

15 minutes in between classes to allow for disinfecting

Sensory Rooms

Closed until green phase.

1:1 if needed, staff member will disinfect immediately upon return to classroom

Staff Preparation

All employees will participate in CSD training & safety expectations to mitigate risk.

UTA Access

None until green phase

Visitors & Volunteers

Start the year without any (including Eagle Eyes)


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