SCC Meeting Notes - February 12, 2021

School Community Council Meeting – Jordan Valley School – February 12, 2021

Becca approved 1/15/21 minutes, Shanker second

Next meetings March 12, April 23, May 7 if needed

School Safety Plan

            Rick Conger, Ryan Jakeman, Leon Wilcox met at the school and walked around perimeter of school. Missing sidewalks and concrete ramps were pointed out. Ramps will be removed and sidewalk installed this summer. Pedestrian Practice area should be created/installed as well. Walking around the building is used as break by many students so this will be a great addition. Will be updated on the data dashboard.

Land Trust & TSSP

            Thursday is a work day for plans for next year, specifics will be put into the plan. Areas for purchase of items are on the agenda. These items will be used to help teach functional skills to the students. The focus is on increased communication to achieve the goals. Shanker mentioned that his son likes household chores and they should be included. The students’ self confidence is increased through these skills. The portable we already have will possibly be used to teach these skills in different stations. We may get more money this year than last year. Sabrina stressed how students need life skills and learning away from parents can also be helpful. If there are extra funds, perishables will be purchased. Shanker suggest adding items to the voc ed lab, home living lab, and library. He also suggested parent training be included. His work offers training that we could look into. A proposal must be written.  Stacey will email the contact for Denise at Canyons Foundation to see how his organization can help Jordan Valley.

            Every community council member needs to stop by the office and sign the form that says you participated with Land Trust and TSSP.


            Commencement will be Friday, May 22 in the Mt. Jordan auditorium to allow for social distancing. Last year’s graduates will be included in this year’s graduation. Speakers, slide show, certificate of completion, spotlights in the program, refreshments. Nancy suggested that a school song would be fun, maybe could be created. If anyone thinks of a new tradition that could be included in graduation, let Stacey know.


            Stacey encouraged students to come back to school as soon as possible if they are planning to come back to school this year to allow for the adjustment. Very few students have had COVID this year and all were from community spread, not at school. The school has done an amazing job!


Noah made an appearance at the end of the meeting!


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