School Community Council                1.15.21

Welcome – virtual link

Agree on spring dates (confirmed for 1pm on the following dates)

  • Feb.12
  • March 12
  • April 23
  • May 7


Business Items:

  1. School Safety Plan
  • Completed & submitted online
  • Parking lot proposal submitted to Rick Conger
    • Email Response:

Due to budget constraints, parking lot modifications and other major capital replacements have not been included in the proposed 2021 summer projects.  However, I will discuss this with Leon and recommend that we use our Civil Engineer that we have already selected for you project to help us design the complete project with phasing options and funding is available to help with your more immediate needs and concerns. 

  1. School Safety Drill Updates
    1. Today’s PD included a video made by our TPACK Coach on what to do during a fire drill
    2. Teachers will teach and practice evacuating their classrooms before the end of January.
    3. Still trying to keep students separated between classes
  2. Digital Citizenship Update
    1. Digital Citizenship Committee – working on lesson plans for teachers to share out with their students.
    2. They have been meeting on Friday afternoons and are very excited
    3. They will also prepare tips and resources for parents at Parent/Teacher Conferences
  3. Teacher of the Year nomination window now open
    1. Nomination forms have been sent home with every student
    2. It’s also accessible online through the district website and our school website
    3. School panel will review in February and select one to send on to district.
  4. Start Teacher & Student Success Plan (TSSP) and Land Trust Plan Development for 2021-2022
    1. We have been discussing this all year – Functional Communication is focus
    2. Stacey reached out to Maria Hawley (Related Service Coordinator at the district)
      1. Is it feasible to hire an AAC Assistant to help train and implement communication supports for students & teacher
      2. Purchase more communication devices (iPads, talkers, etc)
      3. We won’t list specific communication device so that we have some flexibility in meeting each student’s needs
      4. Purchase additional clip art to help students with picture matching to wants/needs
      5. Screen protectors, device straps, device cases
        1. Order same color cases for talkers
      6. Office staff will price out items to help us identify an dollar amount needed
      7. ASL training
        1. I like how this connects real world vs. virtual world
      8. PECS training
          1. Not all students respond, so to have options is good
      9. TSSP & Land Trust can both work towards the same goal.
            1. Certain parameters on what we can buy with each plan

Other Input/Questions

  • Current Land Trust plan – data is starting to come in and is showing student progress across language arts standards & pre-reading skills.
  • Can we use some of the budget to increase the Vocational Ed. Lab & the library?
    • It’s all about how we word the plan – student communication in classrooms, library, voce d. lab, etc.
    • Estimate list will be important in making this decision
  • We need to focus on “real world” and not so much leisure apps
    • Clarified communication apps get locked on the device
    • Importance of differentiating between iPad (for play & games) and talker
  • COVID update
    • Teachers are starting to be vaccinated, according to age over the next 8 weeks
      • 2-dose vaccine
      • Moderna approved 18+
      • Pfizer tested on 16+ (12-18 still in trial)
    • Students are doing well and are healthy
    • We’ve had some get quarantined due to outside school exposures, but they haven’t contracted COVID
  • Friday schedule update?
    • Board reviewed in Dec – determined to continue Friday as virtual students & teacher prep, but not sure if they will review again or if it’s through the rest of the school year.

Next Meeting: February 12, 2021 @ 1pm


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