Meeting called to order by Becca Stradling

In Attendance: Becca Stradling, Nancy Martin, Jana Eliason, Sabrina Imig, Kelsie Wilson, Stacey Nofsinger, Zeke Michel Absent: Shanker Shrestha, Christine Montgomery, Cristina Medina Rojas, Jackie Wallenberg

  • Approved SCC Minutes from 9/29/20 Motion by Becca Stradling, Seconded by Nancy Martin
  • District Training (Virtual or in-person)
    • All have completed or will complete by end of November
  • District Safety Plan Review (
    • Safe Entry & Emergency Drills: Installed safety doors, locked at all times, button to let people in to school and office, faculty badge to access faculty lounge. School Resource Officer scheduling training meeting for active shooter drills for Jordan Valley students, faculty, and staff.
    • Emergency Communication: Emergency Skylert calls are working to communicate with parents regarding issues with school safety
    • Volunteers & Community Partnerships: Volunteer required background checks; District approves partners. Entrance to school to volunteers and partners currently put on hold due to Covid
    • School Safety Tips: Bus drivers reporting problems with parents on cell phones while picking up students. Send Skylert to private transport regarding cell phone use during pickup
    • Transportation: Buses rerouted to the North and then to the back and around the school. Private transportation picking students up in front of school.
    • School Climate, Social Emotional Supports: Addressed Covid. One class currently in quarantine. Continuing to implement Covid safety plan created at beginning of year.
    • Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship: Create plan on how teachers and parents can teach students about internet safety. Provide resources on how to teach about what is and is not appropriate in a school setting. Module on Internet safety. Family educational training. Have Will create. Nancy is checking on book and video mentioned regarding simple ways to teach internet safety.
    • Portion of parking lot in back made into training course for teaching Student Pedestrian Safety.
    • Add sidewalk to North west around school. Action plan: Continue communicating with Facilities. Prepare written proposal for construction outdoor changes.
  • Teacher Input for Next Year’s Plan
    • How can we move functional communication forward?
      • Functional Communication Assistant
        • Help with training & implementation of AAC devices
      • Parents and teachers discussed positives of communication devices and apps such as Cough Drop and Big Mack buttons
    • Purchase:
      • communication devices
      • communication apps
      • protective equipment for devices
      • additional picture licenses for picture exchange
      • staff trainings
      • additional task boxes

Opened floor to questions

Other items discussed

  • Purchased P-pod with money still available from last year
  • Hiring someone for Home Ec room still in question. Need to reevaluate and research numbers and figures associated with position.
  • Idea of Horse Therapy for communication and developmental therapy. Nancy Martin will research information regarding cost and of possibility of either transport to facility or coming to Jordan Valley.
  • Next meeting have ideas for plan for next year’s plan/money.

Next Meeting: November 20 @ 1pm

Move to adjourn by Becca Stradling, Seconded by Nancy Martin

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