Meeting called to order

Approve SCC Minutes (motion)

Continue terms from last year

  • Chair – Becca Stradling
  • Vice Chair – Nancy

District Training (Virtual or in-person)

  • Welcome Video
    • https://schools.utah.gov/schoollandtrust/training?mid=5063&tid=3
  • Oct 1
    • 1pm or 6:30pm
  • Oct 13
    • 10am or 6:30pm

Land Trust Task Box Update

  • Kelsie & Zeke share out
  • Remaining funds?
    • Balance?

Halloween Festivities

  • As per district policy this year, no traditional parades
  • Alternate ideas?

Safety Plan

  • Emergency Drill requirements have been modified due to COVID-19
  • Last year – private transport on the west side of the building
  • No buses this year
  • Rick Conger told me this summer that JVS parking lot is on his “short list” He didn’t commit to a start date – but I’m preparing a budget proposal to be submitted this fall so the project can be done next summer
  • Other safety concerns?

Teacher vacancy in post-high

We do have one quarantined class


Schedule for the year

  • Monthly? Every Other?
  • What day of the week?
    • Fridays?

Move to adjourn

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