Meeting called to order by Nancy Martin @ 4:30

Attendees: Becca Stradling, Nancy Martin, Jana Eliason, Christine Montgomery, Shanker Shrestha, Zeke Michel, Sabrina Imig Absent: Kelsie Wilson, Jackie Wallenberg, Cristina Medina Rojas

Becca motioned to approve depositing $337.52 Cell Tower money to Principal fund. Shanker seconded the motion.

Discussed District training Oct 1, Oct 13

  • virtual and in-person options
  • returning SCC members only need to attend the SCC Training session
  • new SCC members attend SCC Training AND SCC 101 training
  • viewed welcome video from State

Land Trust Task Box update

  • teachers are implementing daily, but still working out the data tracking components
  • English Language Arts task box : really interactive, creative, very successful, and most popular
  • Come up with additional math options
  • Come up with age appropriate things for post high school kids
  • Awesome to see kids working alongside each other in groups.
  • Buy Peapod bean bag chair for different range of motion
  • Home Ec tools needed and ingredients
  • Draft letter to businesses to ask for donations for Home Ec and/or Vocational Ed Lab?
  • For next year, additional light tables for sensory needs
  • balance of just under $12k to spend (duplicating some task boxes, creating more task boxes for post high students and ordering P-Pods.

Discussed possible ideas for Halloween in place of parade

  • Virtual costume contest
  • individual student pictures in the morning to create slideshow for individual classes to show during class parties in the afternoon
  • Scavenger hunt with Halloween theme
  • Decorate pumpkins donated from prison (possible pumpkin decorating contest?)

Discussed Safety Plan

  • emergency evacuation drill modified because of Covid 19 to start the year
  • Teachers doing drills individually as classroom
  • Jordan Valley is priority with Rick Conger. Going to revamp entire parking lot to have separate entrances and exits for buses and private vehicles. Redo sidewalks to go all around building.
  • Create separate area where kids can practice crossing the street on sidewalk and with signs
  • Staff given positive feedback on protocol and procedures for our Re-Opening Plan.
  • Do have one case and a class quarantined as a result

Discussed Teacher vacancy in post-high. Teaching license. Mild, moderate, or severe endorsement

Action Item: Next meeting bring Land Trust and TSSA fund ideas to spend funds approx. $20,000 to 25,000

*Plates for Home Ecc room? Small appliances?

*Meeting time monthly, Fridays at 1pm

-Next Meeting October 30 at 1pm

Becca motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Jana second the adjournment.

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