Principal's Message 5/22/14

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August 4, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians and Group Homes:

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer.  By the time school starts Phase 1 of our school improvement project will be complete.  All hallways in the building have new wall coverings, paint, and new carpet.  Phase 2 of classroom upgrades will begin in the fall and winter. 

To ensure a smooth beginning of a new school year, the following procedural information is listed below for your information and action.

As in the past two years, Registration must be completed online.  Every student must register online as online Registration is the only way to register your student.  The link to online registration is .    Online registration support (801-826-5525 is offered until August 10th..   After August 10th you will need to call Jordan Valley for support.  You can call the school to get help or stop by during office hours (8:15-4:15 Monday - Friday) and we are happy to assist you with the process on a school computer.  Your student cannot attend school before the online registration is completed.  Transportation cannot be set up until you have registered your student.  Register early so transportation for your student is in place before school starts.

1.  School begins August 20th.  We follow the K-5 Calendar (enclosed).  There is a change in the daily schedule as outlined in the letters sent home in May and in June.  Students will attend school from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  There are no longer any early out Fridays for students.  There are seven late start Fridays scheduled throughout the school year and those days are identified as “Student Early Out Day/PD Day” on the enclosed calendar.  School is scheduled from 11:15-4:00 on those days and will be a late start instead of “early out.”

2.  The Canyons District Transportation phone number is 801-826-5267.  Please call them with transportation changes or student absences.  A day or two before the school year starts a Canyons District bus driver will contact you regarding specific pickup and drop off times.  This will happen only if you have registered your student.

3.  Jordan Valley School office hours are 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Should you need to contact your child’s teacher you are encouraged to call between 8:15-9:15 am.  During school hours you are welcome to leave your student’s teacher a message.  During school hours teachers are busy teaching.

4.  There is a link for school lunch information on the online Registration site. Please keep your child’s/student’s lunch account current.  We recommend you pay for lunch with a check rather than cash.  There is also a link during the registration process on how to pay your lunch bill electronically.

An application form for free/reduced lunch is also available online.  If you feel you qualify, please return the completed form on the first day of school.  There is no deadline for free and reduced lunch thus applications are accepted throughout the school year should your financial situation change.  You remain responsible to pay for your student’s lunch prior to your application being approved.

5.  Utah state laws require that all students are fully immunized and the school must have a copy of the immunization form before attending school.  If your child is new to our school (Kindergarten or transfer student) please ensure all immunizations are current. Or, if you are requesting an exemption for health or personal reasons, please have appropriate forms signed at the Utah State Board of Health.

6.  Please keep your student at home if they are ill.   Many of our students have health problems that are made worse by colds and flu.  Our school nurses will contact you with any health concerns.

7.  You must bring your student’s medications to school in person with appropriately signed physician’s orders.  Please do not send any medications on the school bus.

8.  Please provide an extra set of clothing for your student that is clearly marked with their name.  Also, if your student is going to use the swimming pool/therapy pool, please provide a swimsuit with your student’s name clearly marked in permanent ink.  The swim authorization form is part of the online registration process.

9.  On the registration site and enclosed you will find a Canyons District 2014-2015 School Calendar.  Jordan Valley School follows the Canyons District K-5 school calendar for all events such as Parent Teacher Conferences and Holiday Breaks.

10. One additional item is needed from all students this year.  As per school district requirement to complete the student’s cumulative file in the office, please provide a copy of each student’s birth certificate before the school year starts.  The copy can be turned in at the main office.

Enjoy what is left of your summer.  We all look forward to a wonderful school year with your Jordan Valley student.  At your convenience come see Phase 1 of our school improvements and next time you are in the building welcome our new Assistant Principal Tifny Iacona.  She joins us from Midvale Elementary.  She will be a great addition to our Jordan Valley Team.

Best Regards,

Mark Donnelly                       Tifny Iacona

Principal                                 Assistant Principal                                                   

Disability Exemption

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The tax form TC-40D is available again for families with dependent children with disabilities. Part 1 is for parents of a dependent child with a disability, 2 years old and younger. Part 2 is for parents of an eligible student with a disability 21 years of age or younger. Part 3 is for parents with a dependent adult child with a disability 18 years of age or older.

In order for parents to qualify for this disability tax exemption under part 2, the child must be 21 years of age or younger, must currently be enrolled in a public education program, and must have an IEP for a disability in one of the following categories:

     - Autism
     - Deafness
     - Developmental Delay
     - Dual Sensory Impairment
     - Hearing Impairment
     - Intellectual Disability
     - Multi-disability
     - Orthopedic Impairment
     - Other Health Impairment
     - Traumatic Brain Injury
     - Visual Impairment

The form can be obtained from the Canyons School District website (select Departments / Special Education / Parent Resources - the link is under Important Documents), from the state tax site (, or by calling 801-826-5022.  Parents/Guardians will need to bring the completed form to the child's special education teacher or school administrator to be signed in the "authorized certification signature" box.